Working with PHP

ExeOutput for PHP™ integrates the entire PHP runtime into your application and lets you completely customize it.

About PHP implementation in ExeOutput for PHP

Starting from version 2, ExeOutput for PHP uses PHP CGI directly as an external process. This brings several advantages:

  • PHP is separated from the UI process, giving more stability and responsiveness.
  • If the PHP process crashes, a new one is started if you refresh the webpage. Your application itself doesn’t crash.
  • ExeOutput for PHP supports different PHP versions from PHP 5.6 to the latest versions 7.x. You can choose the PHP version you want.
  • Full integration between PHP and Chromium rendering engine. AJAX, cookies, file upload and download dialog boxes, custom request and response HTTP headers, Developer Tools are supported.


For console applications, PHP CLI is used instead of PHP CGI.

If your PHP code uses PHP extensions, include them in your application

If your PHP website requires extensions, you should first configure them in the PHP Extensions page.


ExeOutput for PHP can embed PHP extensions into the EXE file so you don't have to deploy them manually.

Custom PHP.INI

You can tweak PHP parameters directly with the built-in PHP.INI editor.


Do not place your own PHP.INI in the root folder. Use the editor of ExeOutput for PHP.

Advice for getting started with PHP applications in ExeOutput for PHP

How compiled PHP applications work