Make GUI And Console Apps Easily

Design unique GUIs for your
PHP applications

ExeOutput for PHP lets you create modern and complex user interfaces with its visual editor. You can include ribbons or traditional menubar+toolbar, choose skins, configure UI components, show popup windows, display a tray icon...

 ‌‌Several pre-defined UI models are available (ribbons, buttons, toolpanels...) and you can also customize them the way you want.

UI Editor


Skin Selection

Choose a skin and configure your UI easily

 ‌Easily change the entire look of your PHP GUI application thanks to skin support. Just select the skin you want and that's all (a skin editor is available too):


 When you place menu items or buttons on the UI form, you can associate actions that will be performed when the user clicks the button/menu item:

UI Actions

 Several standard actions can be used: Go Home, Back, Forward, Refresh, Print, Find, Select All, Copy/Cut/Paste, Zoom In and Out, Reset Zoom, Show About, Exit Application and Print to PDF.


 But you can also open web pages, execute PHP or JavaScript code, and so on.


Create Console Applications

 ‌ExeOutput for PHP can also create console applications with no GUI. These applications work as if PHP was run in CLI mode.


 ‌ExeOutput for PHP creates a single and stand-alone executable file: end users just launch the resulting EXE file. No PHP installation is required. All compiled files are automatically fed into the PHP runtime when requested.

Console App


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