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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us or post your query to our forum too.

General Queries


Sure, we have full documentation that describes all ExeOutput for PHP features. The documentation is available online and it is also shipped with the software (can be opened directly with the Help button in ExeOutput for PHP or by pressing F1).

Some features are also described in our Feature tour.


ExeOutput for PHP provides strong protection for your files. Files are not just stored in plain in the EXE made by ExeOutput for PHP, nor just compressed in a Zip archive (that can be easily unpacked with 7-Zip). Files are not unpacked to hard disk at runtime, but directly to virtual memory. Thus, end users can't copy them. You can also let ExeOutput for PHP encode PHP source files, so that they remain in encrypted form even in memory. See this help topic for quick instructions about protecting PHP source files

No, there is no known decompiler in the market. Please note that, as for any computer software, we cannot guarantee a 100% safe protection.


ExeOutput for PHP supports creating application .exe files up to 4 GB. EXE files larger than 4 GB are not recognized by Windows.

Please note that it is always better to split very large applications into a group of smaller ones. If your application contains thousands of files, it will be longer to load at startup.

A solution is to keep large files outside the EXE into the "Data" subfolder as explained in this article:

How to keep files external in a PHP app

Sales and Licensing


It is a one-time fee. You get a perpetual license and free upgrades for 1 year.

After this year, you can renew your maintenance when you want with a discount if you want more recent versions. Renewing is optional: you keep all versions received during your maintenance forever.

For possible discounts, please see the Store page (Upgrade Conditions).


Yes, we provide a deactivation facility, allowing you to transfer your license from a computer to another one. At any time, start ExeOutput for PHP, go to the About box and choose Deactivate License. Follow instructions. If your computer is damaged, you can contact us and request a manual deactivation too.

Remember that one end user license allows you to activate your license on three computers provided that the registered user (Named User) is the only individual permitted to work with the license.


If you lost your activation code, please visit the "My Account" page at gdgsoft.com, log in and choose "My Products". Your activation code will be listed there. If not already done, you can create an account on our main website at gdgsoft.com with the email address used for purchasing ExeOutput for PHP.

You can also contact us. We require that you provide enough information for us to positively identify your purchase transaction (e.g., order number, your company name, date of transaction, number of licenses purchased, etc.).


If one day we go bankrupt, we commit to publish an offline activation key that will work on any PC, so that our customers are not blocked by our hardware locking at that time. For example, this company did that before going bankrupt: http://x2net.com/


All previous versions of ExeOutput for PHP are available for download to registered users. Please go the My Account page and log in.

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