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HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 Support

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Use HTML5 and CSS3 in PHP apps

PHP pages and websites are displayed in a custom secure browser based on the Chromium / Blink engine to render HTML content thanks to the Chromium Embedded Framework 3.

Your application can use HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, video, audio, Youtube video, Adobe Flash, Adobe PDF, Flash SWF, other media files…

Any HTML page that is compatible with Google Chrome should be successfully rendered by the internal browser and keep its functionality. Of course, the main difference with Chrome is that source HTML and PHP files of your website are never directly accessible by the end user.

Standard navigation tools and menu commands are available, and can be customized according to your needs.

JavaScript extension and much more

No web server is required: ExeOutput for PHP uses its own pluggable protocol (http://heserver/ or ghe://heserver/) to display pages in the web browser, as a normal web site.

In ExeOutput for PHP, you can configure options for the Chromium HTML rendering engine directly with checkboxes.

ExeOutput for PHP brings additional API functions through the exeoutput JavaScript object, so that your JavaScript code can communicate with the shell.

For hyperlinks, ExeOutput for PHP provides you with pre-defined protocols that you can use to open external files, launch applications or open URLs in external browsers.

rendering options

Use of Developer Tools inside your app

Developer Tools are accessible if you tick DeveloperTools in the Rendering Engine component (as shown on the screenshot above). In that case, Developer Tools are accessible directly in your compiled PHP application through the context menu: just right click to show the context menu and choose “Developer Tools”.

Developer Tools