How to create and view PDF in your apps with ExeOutput for PHP

Create and display PDF in your apps easily with ExeOutput for PHP. In this sample, we show how to use fPDF in an application made with ExeOutput for PHP. FPDF is a free PHP class which allows to generate PDF files.

PDF View App

PDF Demo

Download the Create PDF sample

 ‌‌Click the following button to download the Create PDF sample. Alternatively, you can run the Web Update utility of ExeOutput for PHP to download the sample.

 ‌‌ Download Create PDF Sample

File Size: 588 kb.

How to use the sample

Unpack the 7z archive to the folder of your choice. The sample comes with full source code (PHP code and ExeOutput for PHP project file).

Open the pdfdemo.exop project file with ExeOutput for PHP and compile it yourself.