Choose a PHP Version

ExeOutput for PHP supports different PHP versions from PHP 5.6 to the latest versions 7.x. It's even possible to choose which version of PHP you want your application to work with, directly in the ExeOutput for PHP's interface.

If you want PHP 5.4 or PHP 5.5, download and install ExeOutput for PHP 2.

Choosing the PHP version for your application and requirements

In ExeOutput for PHP, go to PHP Settings => Main Settings and use the combo box to choose which PHP version you want.

System Requirements for your application

Applications made with ExeOutput for PHP 2019 and higher are really stand-alone: they do not require any additional components (the Microsoft Visual C++ Libraries required by PHP are built-in).

Windows 7 or higher is required. If you want your app to run on Windows XP or Vista, then download and install ExeOutput for PHP 2 to make Windows XP and Vista compatible PHP apps.

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