Status Bar Properties

The "status bar" component displays a panel at the bottom of the main window. It displays information for your end users, it is similar to the ones in Web browsers. When an end user moves the cursor on a hyperlink, the URL may appear in the status bar. To hide the status bar, set Visible to false.

When you select the Status Bar component in the "Components Used" list, the following properties are available.

  • AutoShowURLs: determines whether the application should display the URL of a link which is under the mouse pointer. Possible values are:

    • HideAllURLs: all URLs are not shown. Useful if you want to keep your URLs secret
    • HideExternal: hide all external URLS (http://, ftp:// etc) but not internals that begin with https://heserver/ or http://heserver/.
    • HideInternal: does the opposite of the previous option.
    • ShowAll: all URLs are shown.
  • DefaultText: the text to be displayed by default when no other information needs to be indicated.

  • HideProgressBar: if set to True, the progress bar of the status bar will be removed.

  • Visible: if set to false, the status bar is removed.