Printer Properties

The "printer" component sets properties for the printer and handles how HTML documents are printed. It also contains properties related to the Print to PDF option.

When you select the "printer" component in the "Components Used" list, the following properties are available.

  • EnablePrintPreview: if true, printing the current webpage will show the Print Preview window first.

  • FooterText, HeaderText: sets the text to be displayed at the bottom/top of each printed HTML page. The options are the same as for Internet Explorer.

  • OpenPDFAfterPrint: if set to True, the application will open the newly created PDF file when the end user selected Print to PDF.

  • PrintLandScape: determines how the page is printed.

  • SelectionOnly: prints the selection only.

  • ShowHeaderFooter: indicates whether header and footer should be printed or not.