Image and Logo in your PHP application UI

The image component displays images in different formats. Its goal is to insert custom logos on the tool bar or ribbon to show your brand in your applications.


Images are directly stored into the application. No need to distribute the image source file with your EXE.

Use the UI editor to add new image components to the UI.

How to add a logo image to your app

  • In "Components", choose the toolbar (or ribbon) you want your logo to appear on, and click "Edit Toolbar"

  • In the UI editor, select the "TImage" component and draw the image component on the toolbar. Leave the component name as is:

  • Modify the properties of the new image component: set "Align" to alRight, Center to True (or Strech to True)

  • Click "..." near "Picture" to open the image editor

  • Click "Load" to select the image file you want to open. Then click "OK".

  • After that, your image is loaded into the "TImage" component. You're done.