Add code in HEScript to your app with ExeOutput for PHP

HEScript allows you to extend the functionality of your PHP application, in addition to PHP and JavaScript.

This topic tells you how to quickly add a function or procedure code in HEScript to your application. For instance, you found some code you want to use on our forum.

Steps to add code

  1. In ExeOutput for PHP, go to Application Settings => Scripting.
  2. Double-click on UserMain in the list. The script editor is opened:

See the full description of the script editor and its features

3.Paste the entire function you want into the editor. For instance, the following HEScript code returns the path to the "My Documents" directory:

function GetDocPath: String;
Result := GetSpecialFolderPath(16);

4.Click Save Script. Your script is ready!

Quick steps to execute the script (function or procedure)

JavaScript and PHP can be used to invoke HEScript.

To execute the code previously shown, in PHP, we would use:


$path = exo_return_hescriptcom ('UserMain.GetDocPath', '');
Click the link above to see all examples and syntax.

Introduction to Scripting

Using the Script Manager

Script Function Reference