Output - Resources

When compiling your application, ExeOutput for PHP creates a single executable file, ready to be distributed. The majority of Windows executable files (PE format) contain a resource section that stores version information, icons, cursors, string tables... This page allows you to customize some of these resources to insert your own logo and copyright information.

Changing the icon of the EXE file

ExeOutput for PHP has the ability to change the default icon of the executable file. You can replace the default icon by specifying the path to another icon file (it must be a true icon file, .ico extension). ExeOutput for PHP supports any icon image such as 32x32, 16 colors or 48x48, 256 colors: if you need to create or extract icons easily, then try GConvert: our companion tool lets you extract icons or convert images into icons.


Vista icons are accepted too.


The icon file should be available as an external file when the application is being compiled. Path variables like [PROJECTPATH] are allowed. Some icon files that you can use are available in the Resources subfolder of ExeOutput for PHP.

Version Information

The version information of an executable program is a special resource section that contains such information about the file as its version number, its intended operating system, its original filename, its copyright information... This information is then included in the compiled code. When version information is included, end users can right-click the program icon and select Properties to display the version information (or press ALT+ENTER in Explorer).

ExeOutput for PHP allows you to insert your own version information in the EXE file.

Some company information items are stored inside the application data: they display in the About box, when errors occur and when setting the version information parameters for the .exe output file. This helps your end users in contacting you for further information. You must, at least, specify the company's name. However, it is recommended that you provide your end users with the maximum amount of information about your company.

  • Company Name: name of your company.

  • Legal Copyright: will appear under the "Legal Copyright" entry. Enter your own copyright such as "Copyright 2012 by Yourself. All rights reserved."

  • File Description: should be the description of your application contents.

  • Web Homepage: a URL to your website.

  • Version number: the current release number of your .exe file. The format must be X.X.X.X where X is an integer, such as

  • Product number: the current release number of your application. Same format as above.

  • Legal Trademarks: the text that will appear in the Legal Trademarks field. This can be changed only if you purchased the "No Branding" option.


These information items and the default logo file can be set in the Environment Options, so each time you create an application, the default settings will be used.

Auto-increment version number during build process

If enabled, the last part of the "Version number" above will be automatically increased each time you build your project. For instance, will become, then If the maximum value of 65535 is reached, the counter is reset and a warning is displayed in the compilation log. You must then update the version number yourself. For instance, change the next part: