Some technical notes regarding applications

System requirements and limitations for applications

Minimal configuration: note that this list may change in the future.

  • Microsoft Windows® 10, 8 or 7 32-bit or 64-bit (Intel, no WinRT or ARM editions).

  • 256 MB RAM or greater (recommended: 512 MB to 2 GB of RAM).


If you want your app to run on Windows XP or Vista, then download and install ExeOutput for PHP 2 to make Windows XP and Vista compatible PHP apps.

Size limitation

ExeOutput for PHP supports creating application .exe files up to 4 GB. EXE files larger than 4 GB are not recognized by Windows.

Please note that it is always better to split very large applications into a group of smaller ones. If your application contains hundreds of files, it will be longer to load at startup. Please consider the Keep Files External feature.

Notes about the internal browser, PHP version and runtime module

  • ExeOutput for PHP is a true Unicode-enabled application. Compiled applications work with Unicode too. However, the PHP runtime does not handle Unicode natively.

  • ASP, PHP, JSP and ASPX pages which are designed to run on a server cannot work properly in applications. They will be treated as normal web pages.

  • ExeOutput for PHP builds 32-bit applications. Anyway, they should work fine on 64-bit OS.

  • If the application is not portable, it stores its settings on the user's computer in a unique "application" folder located at: C:\Users[User name]\AppData\Roaming\ExeOutput for PHP\Userapplication[application GUID] on Windows Vista/Seven/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 or C:\Documents and Settings[User name]\Application Data\ExeOutput for PHP\Userapplication[application GUID] on Windows XP / NT.

This folder can be changed as explained here. If you do not want your application to leave files, you must add a reference to this folder for the uninstaller, so the latter will remove the contents inside this folder.