JavaScript window extension

In addition to the "exeoutput" JavaScript object available in ExeOutput apps, ExeOutput for PHP extends the window object, especially to deal with secondary windows or pop-ups.


The following samples can be tested in the Secondary Windows and Popups topic of the General Demonstration.

The following commands are available: is completely supported. You can also give names to your pop-ups and then identify them or manipulate them with JavaScript.

For instance:

  $(function() {

    $("#btn").click( function()
    {'samples/testpopup.php', 'Popup');


window.exportPDF(pdffilename) is a JavaScript extension available in ExeOutput apps. This lets you export the content of the window as a PDF file.

pdffilename lets you pass the full path and filename of the PDF file to be exported.

For instance:

<script language="javascript">
   // Callback for save dialog box - content contains the full path to the future PDF file.

    function DemoSavePDF(content) {
            if (content === "") return;

    function exportpdf() {
        // Run HEScript script SavePDFDlgFile defined in UserMain to get the PDF filename.
        exeoutput.GetHEScriptCom('hescript://UserMain.SavePDFDlgFile', DemoSavePDF);


window.moveTo and window.resizeTo

window.moveTo() and window.resizeTo() are supported too.

Here is an example to display a fullscreen window:

 function showmaxpop()
      var w ='about:blank', 'Report', "fullscreen");;
      w.document.write('Hello large popup');
      w.resizeTo(screen.availWidth, screen.availHeight);

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