HTML5 Video and Audio in Compiled Applications

Applications made with ExeOutput for PHP can play video and audio streams directly in webpage thanks to the HTML5 video and audio tags.

For instance, the following HTML code will play a video:

html <video id="video" loop autoplay controls> <source src="/assets/sunpeek.webm"></source> </video>

If your media files are not too large (less than 5 MB), you can let ExeOutput for PHP compile them into the EXE file. However, for very large video files, we recommend you to keep them external: place them in the same folder as the EXE. ExeOutput will automatically look for them if they are not compiled.


There is only support for open-source or non-proprietary audio and video formats (and codecs): WEBM, WEBA, OGG and MP3. Formats and codecs such as MP4 and AAC are not available in Chromium builds, because these formats are not open and require licensing.

Some free converter and encoding software programs are available. For instance, you can try the open-source project Miro Video Converter.

Alternatively, you can rely on some Flash-based audio/video players.


See working samples in the HTML5 video topic and HTML5 audio topic of the General Demonstration.