Using Flash Objects (SWF) in Compiled Applications

Adobe Flash® is a file format used for rich Web content over the Internet using Adobe® Flash Player. ExeOutput for PHP applications can display Flash content (in SWF format) provided that a special build of the Adobe® Flash Player named Pepper Flash is installed.

To download the Pepper Flash installer, go to, choose Windows in Step 1 and then FP xx for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI in Step 2.

To display Flash movies, use the EMBED HTML tag. All external resource files (XML, images...) are automatically located and handled. If the latter are located in a subfolder, be sure to specify it with the base parameter.

If you do not want to use Flash in your application, in ExeOutput for PHP, choose Application Settings => Components => Rendering Engine and tick DisableFlash.


If the plug-in is outdated, the Chromium engine will refuse to run Flash movies unless you tick AllowOutdatedPlugins in Application Settings => Components => Rendering Engine.


See working samples in the Flash topic of the General Demonstration.