JavaScript and Chromium Browser

About the Chromium Browser Used by Applications

The internal browser lets end users navigate through pages of your application. ExeOutput for PHP uses the Chromium / Blink engine to render HTML content thanks to the Chromium Embedded Framework.

ExeOutput for PHP 2020 uses Chromium version 80 and CEF 80.0.8.

Any HTML page that is compatible with Google Chrome should be successfully rendered by the internal browser and keep its functionality. Of course, the main difference with Chrome is that source HTML and PHP files of your website are never directly accessible by the end user. Moreover, your application can use HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, video, audio, Youtube video, Adobe Flash, Adobe PDF, Flash video, media files... Learn more about HTML5 and CSS3 support.

No web server is required: ExeOutput for PHP uses its own pluggable protocol that begins with https://heserver/ (secure protocol) or http://heserver/ or ghe://heserver/ (unsecure versions) to display pages in the web browser, as a normal web site. Any compiled file in your application can be accessed from the web browser with the URL https://heserver/[virtual path] http://heserver/[virtual path] or ghe://heserver/[virtual path]). Learn more about accessing files.

Customize the Chromium Browser options

In ExeOutput for PHP, choose Application Settings => Components => Rendering Engine.

Configure Rendering Options

A lot of Chromium options can be configured here: please refer to the corresponding Chromium Options topic.

Use of Developer Tools

ExeOutput for PHP lets you access Developer Tools in your app: please refer to the corresponding Developer Tools topic.

JavaScript extension

ExeOutput for PHP brings additional API functions through the "exeoutput" JavaScript object: please refer to the corresponding "exeoutput" JavaScript API extension topic.

Proxy Settings

The internal browser can use a proxy for connecting to the Internet: please see how you can modify the proxy settings at runtime.

By default the print preview is activated. You can disable it by unchecking the EnablePrintPreview option in the Application Settings => Components => Rendering Engine properties.