Getting Started

ExeOutput for PHP™ is a visual PHP To EXE compiler: it lets you turn PHP scripts, PHP applications and websites powered by PHP into stand-alone desktop and console applications for Microsoft Windows.

Build ebooks, custom web browsers, database front-ends, games, interactive catalogs, daemons, console programs, HTML5 apps and much more by combining the power of PHP, HTML and JavaScript into desktop applications.

Create GUI and console applications for Windows

An application made with ExeOutput for PHP can have a GUI and acts as a normal web browser: the end user browses your PHP pages as if he were using his web browser, except that no internet connection, PHP installation nor remote web server is required. PHP scripts are interpreted by the built-in PHP runtime and results are immediately displayed to the end user. Other companion files such as HTML, images, JavaScript, XML, CSS... are of course handled too.

The following screenshot shows you a simple application that displays the result from the phpinfo() function:

Application with phpinfo

Anything of the user interface can be customized according to your needs: for instance, the PHP Info button on the screenshot above does not exist by default.

You can also generate PHP console applications (CLI): no GUI and PHP is executed in the CLI mode.

Use the help contents tree on the left side to browse through the different help topics and discover the features of ExeOutput for PHP. You can also press F1 or click the Help button in ExeOutput for PHP to directly access the related help topic.

ExeOutput uses ribbons: all related features are grouped into pages belonging to one of the five following tabs: File Manager, Application Settings, PHP Settings, Security and Output.

  • Under "File Manager" you can manage files that will be compiled into your application. It works like Windows Explorer with a tree displaying the different folders on the left and on the right the files inside the selected folder. You can add/remove/edit files and configure their properties.

  • The "Application Settings", "PHP Settings", "Security" ribbons are the heart of ExeOutput for PHP: they contain all of the features that let you customize the behavior and appearance of your application.

  • Finally with the "Output" ribbon, you can access the options related to the way ExeOutput for PHP will output the application .exe file.


To navigate between the ribbons, click on the desired tab at the top of the main window. Standard and additional commands such as Load/Save Project and Build options are available by clicking the Application Menu button:

Shortcuts are available in the window's bar:

New Project, Load Project, Save Project, Compile Application, Run Application

Starting your first project

Each time you open ExeOutput for PHP, it displays the welcome page where you can decide to create a new project or load an existing one.

Advice for getting started with PHP applications in ExeOutput for PHP

Creating a project

How compiled GUI PHP applications work

How console PHP applications (CLI) work