Application Settings - Skin Properties

Skins for your application

One of the most interesting features of applications made with ExeOutput for PHP is their skin support. The entire look and feel of the application (its windows and controls) may be changed through a simple click thanks to skins.

The skin feature is similar to the Windows themes, except that ExeOutput for PHP applications use their own skin engine.

Just select the skin you want in the list and that's all!

A small preview of the selected skin is automatically displayed. Note that previews do not take into account other properties.

ExeOutput for PHP also has a skin editor (which is a separate component that you can get from or with the Web Update Utility, because it is not shipped with the original distribution). You can customize existing skins or create new ones from scratch using this editor. Just click "Open Skin Editor" to launch it.


ExeOutput for PHP comes with several ready-to-use skins. You do not need to distribute the skin file: it is automatically compiled into your application data.

Create a window with no title bar

Enable this option to remove the title bar of the window. Be sure to inform your end users that they must press ALT+F4 in order to close the application.

Hide caption buttons

If you would like to remove all system buttons from the title bar (system menu, minimize, maximize, close, etc...) and keep a title bar, then turn on this option. Important: please give your users a way to properly close the application (although they can still press ALT+F4).

No skinnable window

This option disables the skin feature for the window itself; thus, you get a normal window. Other controls are still rendered by the skin engine.

Do not use skins for system dialogs

This option disables the skin feature for the system dialog boxes such as message box, open and save dialog box.

Hide system menu button

This will hide the system icon in the application's main window. Other system buttons such as Minimize, Close remain visible.