Application Settings - Prompt Messages

This page allows you to display message boxes, also called prompt Messages, to inform end users about what they are doing. ExeOutput for PHP allows you to show two prompt messages at different times of the application execution: at the beginning and at the end.

Start Prompt Message

It is displayed immediately after the application is launched. It prompts end users as to whether they want to run your application or not (Yes and No buttons are displayed). You should enter a text like this: Welcome to my application. This application is designed for a large screen resolution. Do you want to continue?.

End Prompt Message

As soon as the application is closed by end users, the latter will display this message box and then exit. You should use it to thank end users as Thank you for having read my application! More information at: /§


  1. Leaving the fields blank will disable the display of these message boxes.
  2. To put a carriage-return-line-feed between "Line 1" and "Line 2", use as Line1/§Line2.
  3. These prompt messages are not rendered with the skin engine, because at the time they are displayed, the skin engine is not/no more loaded.