How to upgrade to ExeOutput for PHP 2

ExeOutput for PHP 2 is a major release with plenty of new features and enhancements as you can see in the change log.

Upgrade Conditions

Upgrade to ExeOutput for PHP 2 is available for free if your maintenance was still active after January 28th, 2013.
Otherwise, you will be required to buy the upgrade if you want to use ExeOutput for PHP 2.

We have special upgrade offers for existing registered users that let you save 50% on the regular price.

Steps to upgrade

Please visit the account page of version 1.x, still accessible for all registered users of ExeOutput for PHP 1.x

If you are entitled for the free upgrade, you will find upgrade instructions in order to get your free activation code for ExeOutput for PHP 2.
Otherwise, you can purchase the upgrade immediately with 50% off.

Emails with upgrade instructions were also sent to registered users.

You can contact the support team if you have lost your registration details. Be sure to provide enough information so we can identify you.