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Stand-Alone and Secure Applications

Create one single EXE for Windows: ExeOutput for PHP combines the PHP runtime and all PHP, image, HTML, Flash, JavaScript, Silverlight, XML, PDF and other files into one single EXE.

The executable is stand-alone: the PHP runtime (version 5.3.x) is embedded inside the EXE and is never unpacked to the hard disk.

Compiled files are compressed and protected: they cannot be unpacked later with a decompiler or an archive tool like 7-Zip. PHP scripts are never unpacked to the hard disk and even critical PHP scripts may be automatically converted to bytecode for better security thanks to the integrated support for the php bcompiler extension. End users cannot modify your scripts.

Use PHP to Build Applications

Use existing PHP functions and extensions in your applications: graphics, XML, PDF, Zip, charts, databases, and much more. AJAX and jQuery are supported too.

 No server is required! No PHP distribution. No port nor firewall conflicts.

 Compatible with popular PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Silex, Laravel, Kohana...

 Use the same PHP code online and offline.

Basic PHP extensions such as php_gd2.dll, php_bcompiler.dll... are supported by ExeOutput for PHP and may be embedded inside the EXE too.

Database engines like SQLite, MySQL, fSQL are successfully handled by the PHP engine. You may also have your applications connect to remote database servers and act as front-end applications.

Customized Desktop Applications

PHP pages and websites are displayed in a custom secure browser based either on the Trident (like Internet Explorer) or the WebKit (Chromium) rendering engines. Standard navigation tools and menu commands are available, and can be customized according to your needs.

You can design unique GUIs for your applications: choose skins, add custom buttons and menu items, show popup windows, display a tray icon...

EXE customization is allowed with your own icon, version information resource.
Modify the about box, insert your own brand, logo and advertise your company.

Not just a simple PHP to EXE wrapper

Parts of your application can be restricted and/or protected with security profiles. You can use password protection, anti-debugger features, disable the PRINT SCREEN key...

Applications can be digitally signed with a code signing certificate (Authenticode) to avoid the security warning displayed by Vista, Seven and Windows 8.

 Portable applications can be created: they run directly from a USB stick and do not write anything on the local computer.

 ExeOutput for PHP features its own scripting engine (HEScript) that can be combined with PHP and JavaScript.

 Full Unicode support (for the application only: PHP 6 will not be supported before the official release)

 Your application can work with HTML 5 and CSS 3.

 Your application will work on recent Windows from XP to Windows 8 (desktop edition).

 Settings are saved in projects and managed with a GUI featuring a Windows Ribbon style interface.

 Full context-sensitive documentation, user guide and general demonstration with detailed samples included.

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